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Thibaut Honajzer x happy maple for **Michelin Anne-Sophie Pic Restaurant

Thibaut Honajzer x happy maple. Another beautiful and absolutely delicious creation from very talented Chef Pâtissier Thibaut Honajzer for the two Michelin star Restaurant Anne-Sophie Pic at Beau Rivage Palace in Lausanne.

Thibaut Honajzer x happy maple
Thibaut Honajzer x happy maple

A delicious cake with a with a crunchy granola and cranberry base, an exquisite financier, a meadowsweet pana cotta with aromatic notes of buttered honey, a strawberry and whiskey confit for a pronounced character, fresh strawberries and fuchsia flowers. All enhanced by our happy maple syrup, goût robuste for the delicate caramel notes. A cake for an incomparable tasting experience.

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